Hello and welcome. I am Lizzy Bauer, but you can call me Lizzy B. Do I have some particular interest in “bees”? I’m no expert, but I do have a lot of experience with them. I live out in a rural part of New Mexico near Santa Fe where I tend a garden during the growing season. And I DO have a “particular interest” in that. So I guess it only follows that I have been interacting with these little guys for a long time. I have taken Master Gardener classes where I have learned about what plants both attract and nourish them. So I have planted those. In particular, I have a tree, I think it’s a Sumac, which attracts thousands of honey bees every year. We can get within a foot of that swarm and they will completely ignore us. They are not the slightest bit aggressive, only busy.

The term “busy as a bee” is no joke. I’m not quite that busy, but I am active with the garden, mountain biking, skiing, hiking, cooking and photography. I am never bored and I don’t think the bees are either. I’m happy sketching away on the iPad Pro and learning all about that. And I wanted a place where I could paste the product of that on the digital, ethernet wall. And this is it!


honey bee logo


bumble bee on a sunflower


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