Am I talking about UFOs here? Not exactly, although I did have an “interesting” experience with a bunch of somethings that were orb-like. That’s another story. I’m still learning about all the possibilities of the iPad that interest me. If these were music, I guess I’d call them “Variations on a Theme”. I’ll keep this Gallery intact, but I will change out the images.

Gallery Orbs!



These glyph-like images, in “Gallery Glyphs”, are from an “alphabet” that I designed. Of course it’s not a “real” alphabet. But, I can type with it on my computer. At the time I used a program called Fontographer. I don’t even know if it’s still around or has morphed into something else. I’ll add new images and remove others, but the Gallery sizes here will remain the same.




The process of learning this medium continues. I’m trying to get the gist of how all these brushes work, both individually and with each other. Thanks for stopping by. I wish I could offer you a cup of coffee. Virtual Coffee. Now there’s a terrible idea.